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Graduation Sashes - $38

Graduation Sashes make a different and unique keepsake for children graduating from Primary or High School. Many schools are now opting to choose these sashes, as they are well made, durable and personalised with the School name and logo, as well as year of graduation. They can also be used as a signature item, with many children having them signed on the back, from fellow students and teachers.
Below is a variety of samples which have been made recently. Please contact me at any time to discuss your schools requirements, or to arrange to have a sample made and sent to you.


Due to the size of the sash, there are only two fonts available, and the end result will depend on the length of individual names. Colours shown are the basic range. There are over 25 colours to choose from, which will enable you mix and match to your own requirements. Below are a small sample of what is available.
  • Stacks Image 262961
  • Stacks Image 262965
  • Stacks Image 262977

  • St Anthony’s Primary School

    Blue and Gold

    Stacks Image 16169
  • St Bernadette’s Ivanhoe

    Light Blue, Navy and Yellow

    Stacks Image 16171
  • La Trobe University

    Red, White and Black

    Stacks Image 16173
  • Loyola Secondary College

    Blue and White

    Stacks Image 16175
  • Our Lady of Mercy College

    Red and Blue

    Stacks Image 16177
  • St Damian’s Primary School

    Green,Yellow and Red

    Stacks Image 16179
  • St Thomas the Apostle

    Brown and Gold

    Stacks Image 16181
  • St Mary’s Primary School

    Light Blue, Navy and White

    Stacks Image 16183
  • St Martin de Tours Primary School

    Red and Blue

    Stacks Image 16187

    Royal Blue and White

  • Marymede Catholic Primary/Secondary

    Red and Blue

    Stacks Image 16185

    Blue, Green and Red

What you see

Although images of our products have been taken using a high quality camera, fine detail may not be evident. If you would like a better look at particular products, please contact me and I will email you a larger image.

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